Ready for School.

April 18, 2008

So… many… comments dying to be made!

George got Mom’s thick wavy hair. I got Dad’s thin, fine hair. Mine is actually quite long in this picture, but it’s all pulled back in a pony tail.

You may be a little distracted by the Victorian collar on the dress I’m wearing. I’m also thinking, that would be a great dress to wear on television. Nice pattern. Wow.

Love the schoolbox. Remember those?

I’ve mentioned this before, but… my brother and I are nearly four years apart in age. Do you think George was intimidated by a younger sister who was (very soon to be) taller than him? I think, yes. I’m guessing I was about 7 in this picture, making him about 11.

This concludes our current dose of early 70s flashbacks. We now return you to your regularly scheduled program…



  1. Don’t worry. Next choir practice you’ll have another 70’s flash back. The start of one of our songs sounds like “Papa Was a Rolling Stone”.

  2. is this when the girly girl was choaked out of you!
    I had a dress like that.

  3. Did Grandma make your dress? It looks so much like one she made for Bit a few years later.

  4. Aunt Mary — You know, that is very possible, but I just can’t remember for sure. I’m sure Mom knows, and she can chime in.

  5. That dress was store-bought (Sears, I think, that’s where we usually shopped for clothes). Grandma did make Laura a lot of other outfits, but mostly when she was pre-school age.

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