Last Day of Break

April 6, 2008

Today was the last day before the kids go back to school after being off all week for Spring Break. It was definitely the most beautiful day we’ve had in a long time — we had a lot of rain and cloudy days last week — and I had told Glenn yesterday that if we were able to, we ought to try to go hiking with the boys. We decided to drive to Red River Gorge (about an hour away) and try a couple trails there. We packed the dog with us, since he’d been cooped up in his cage for 5+ hours while we were at church this morning.

We’ve all been to Natural Bridge several times, and it is a great destination, but today we decided to try a different set of trails. So we parked the car in a small parking area that was already packed with other cars, and set out on the only visible trail leading off into the woods.

The path we were following was marked with orange “flags” tied to tree trunks at various intervals along the way. Seemed pretty typical, although I did note that we didn’t see any other people on the trail ahead or behind us, in spite of the full parking lot we had left. Still, it seemed to be the only trail to follow from where we had parked, so we continued.

Soon enough, we came to a place where the orange flags suddenly disappeared. They had been clearly marking the trail all along, and then suddenly we just… didn’t have a trail anymore. We were very confused about how we could have gotten off the trail that we had just been following, and we spent a good half hour or so kind of wandering around the area, trying to spot any other markers. No such luck.

Times like these really show what people are made of. And without naming any names, I will say that I had one son who pretty much rolled with the punches today, and another son (whose name rhymes with “vent”) who was very unhappy with our situation and had lots and lots of advice for us as we tried to decide whether to press on or turn around.

Eventually we did decide to cut our losses and head back to the car. We made our way back to the place where the trail markers had disappeared, and then followed the orange flags through the woods to the parking lot. All told, I think we were gone about an hour and a half. We got some exercise, and I did get at least a few photos (although not as many as if we had reached our desired destination).

White flowers amid the leaves. Fuzzy moss. Salamander, newt, I\'m not sure.

Very interesting tree. A little bit spooky. That is ONE gigantic rock underneath all that moss.

One son said “let’s do it again” and the other said “I hate nature.”

On a side note, Brody had a blast today. He got to be off the leash much of the time that we were trudging through the woods, and he was beside himself with joy. Here is a photo of him looking at us from the back of the car, over the seat. What a goober!

Brody peers over the back seat.


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