A Coke and a Smile.

March 19, 2008


When my parents were attending Allegheny College, one year (senior year? I don’t know) they were somehow chosen to be the “Coca-Cola couple” in an ad in the yearbook. So we have a few shots of them in front of a Coke machine, all grinning and sweet. When I was younger I really used to think that this shot somehow meant they were famous. Like, hey didn’t you hear? My parents were in an ad for Coca Cola! Ha ha ha. Well, they were famous to me. 🙂

In this perfect profile of my Dad at age 21 or so, you can clearly see where I get my nose. And I never really realized it until recently, but perhaps my fondness for little white Keds came from my Mom.

My Dad has always liked Coke, and so our family was always a “Coke family.” In fact, the generic term for any soft drink, to me, is “coke.” Dad has gone on to amass quite a collection of Coca-Cola memorabilia, most of which is currently on display at the family cottage in Conneaut Lake, PA.

And, speaking of the real thing… that cute college couple pictured above, who got married on graduation day, will celebrate their 45th anniversary this coming June!


One comment

  1. Ah, yes. I remember well the day Ginny showed me the photo in the yearbook. I was brother to half of a celebrity couple! As memory serves me, I even had one of them, Ginny I believe, show me THE machine where the photo was taken.

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