Rules to Live By.

March 15, 2008

I am doing a major overhaul in my office this weekend… a long overdue cleaning and sorting session that involves moving furniture, shredding documents, rearranging my desk, and trying to classify and properly put away every random thing that has crept in to my workspace over the past year or so. In the process I am finding a lot of written notes, drawings, and school papers from my kids that need to be put away in a file box so we can pull them out years from now and laugh at how silly they were.

So, just a few minutes ago I uncovered a paper that my youngest had written a few years ago. I believe he wrote it when he was in kindergarten, or no later than first grade. The heading in block letters at the top reads “RULES” and the paper contains no fewer than 16 rules that Aaron decided needed to be written down at the time. This was not a school assignment, but an independent work. It appears that he startet with about 8 rules and then added more over a couple weeks’ time, as he discovered new rules that he felt should be included.

I thought I would share the rules for all to see, before I tuck the paper away in a box for safekeeping.

Keep in mind, this is entered just as it was written (spelling errors intact) by a boy who was probably 6 years old. Also, to explain rule #1, “Nick” was a boy who lived down the street at the time, who was frequently in trouble.


  1. don’t play with Nick
  2. don’t get in the shed.
  3. don’t gambil.
  4. don’t get into parents money.
  5. don’t jump on people.
  6. don’t steel things.
  7. don’t disobay.
  8. don’t sneeck candy.
  9. don’t talk to strangers.
  10. don’t smoke. never ever smoke!
  11. don’t throw rocks
  12. don’t ckuss.
  13. don’t throw sticks.
  14. don’t put a magnet near a computer.
  15. don’t jump in mud.
  16. don’t knock a teacher down.

So there you have it. Important rules to live by, that I am sure we can all find applications for, even today.



  1. It sounds like he was a very wise 6 year-old, and remembered some important things he had been warned about.

  2. who’s nick?

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