Motorcycle Gang.

March 7, 2008


Just a great shot, I have always loved this photo. Click for a larger view.

From left to right, there is my Mom; me (age 1 or 2?); my Uncle Joe and his wife at the time, Linda; my Dad; neighbors Ruie and Pete Gurvin (I just now realized that I don’t think I have ever written out “Ruie,” and I could be spelling it incorrectly); and my brother George on the bike.

Perhaps this was the day that began my fascination with motorcycles. So, my husband can be thankful that Uncle Joe brought his bikes with him on a visit on this particular day. Look at how I am focused on the chopper! And notice also, the fact that all the men in this photo are ignoring the bike, smiling and posing for the camera.

This was taken out in front of the house that my parents rented for a couple years, on Jefferson Street in Bethesda. But one thing that cracks me up about it is, I can totally envision this shot being taken at a trailer park. I mean, slip a double-wide back there in the yard and everything would seem just about right, don’t you think?


One comment

  1. This probably was the fall of 1971, and Uncle Joe and Linda were to go on to Harbourton where Uncle Tom and I joined them to ride for several days. One evening after supper, the men hit the roads by themselves…and Joe literally hit the road – unable to control his Norton on an unfamiliar rain-soaked, winding and leaf-covered country road. There’s more to the story: Grandpa and Grandma were due to arrive any day, and their son was in hospital because of that awfully dangerous motorcycle. We’ll save the rest for another chapter….

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