Dear George: Wish U were here. Love, Butt Child.

February 29, 2008

Raise your hand if you and your sibling ever had a moment like this in your childhood:
[be sure to click for the larger view, to get the facial expressions]


You know what I mean… you’re getting ready for church on a Sunday morning, and while you are waiting for your parents to finish getting dressed… well, who knows? Perhaps if you were a little girl all of four years old, with a sharp wit already being honed to rapier quality, you might have made a remark about how your brother’s shirt was impeccably coordinated with the living room curtains. And he might have responded by calling you “butt child.” And then you probably screamed and hit him. And then your parents intervened and sentenced you to sit on either end of the couch. And then they took a picture.

This is all purely hypothetical of course. Except for the “butt child” thing. And the screaming and hitting. Maybe not right before this photo was taken… but let’s just say it could have happened that way.

Now, raise your hand if you had moments like this with that same sibling:


Brother and sister. Playing in the front yard of their suburban home. All giggles and silliness. For all we know, my brother had helped put the little bandaid on my knee and kissed the boo-boo himself, whenever it happened. Sibling harmony at its best.

To be completely honest, we probably had more fights than we had those moments of harmony when we were kids. We really went at it sometimes. But I prefer to remember the fun times now. Because in spite of all the screaming and hitting and “butt child” references, he’s still my brother… and I love him!


George lives faaaaaar away from me these days… he is a reporter and a regular columnist for the Palm Beach Post. And I wish he just lived across town. However, I am NOT moving to Florida. 🙂


One comment

  1. I remember LOTS of scenes like the first picture – theoretically, of course, because I don’t think my older sister and I could have sat on the same couch after one of those incidents. The 2nd picture – not so much. But, I sure do miss her now, because she also lives way too far away.

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