Happy Birthday Abby.

February 25, 2008

Hi everyone.


Last week I put this new little widget in my sidebar. Some of you may have realized what it signified and others may not have. I thought I’d take a moment to explain it.

Ever since Easter of 2005, and probably indefinitely from here on out, when I see a butterfly I remember Abigail Van Campen. Abby is the third child and the first daughter of my good friends Todd and Guinever. Feb. 26 is Abby’s birthday. This week would have been her 5th.

Those who live in or around Lexington may recall the story from March of 2005, when Abby went to be with Jesus. If you aren’t familiar with it, I’m not going to recount it here. It still brings tears and it’s really not my story to tell. But it was right before Easter, and the butterflies and daffodils that we tend to associate with that time of year have become things that remind me of little Abby.

Maybe because I have a February birthday, too… or maybe just because… I remembered that Abby’s birthday was coming up. So, Abby and her parents and siblings have been on my mind lately. And in honor of Abby’s birthday this week, and the upcoming anniversary of her leaving us, I created the little butterfly widget to remain in my sidebar through Easter.

If anyone has ever lost a child, or known someone who has lost a child, I highly recommend that you visit the website that Guinever created in honor of her daughter. If nothing else, I urge you to read the memorial that Guinever wrote, which was read at Abby’s funeral. If there could ever be anything like a “reason” for such a tragic thing to happen, this memorial could be it. What an incredible, powerful witness Abby’s parents have been able to share, even in the wake of her passing.




  1. Thanks Laura for remembering.

    And for those of you reading this, Laura is quite humble..she failed to tell you that she designed the card that is included in this post.

  2. We will always remember your kindness to us after Abby’s death. Thank you for contributing your talents, and for your compassion.

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