Be good to yourself.

February 15, 2008

Well I thought I’d write this in case anyone noticed that “Laura Doolittle” offered up a comment in the sidebar today. No, that’s not me trying to beef up the stats on my own site! (Uhh… when I do that, I appear as “dooalot.” Ha ha). Believe it or not, there is another Laura Doolittle out there!

A year or so ago, I was goofing around on the internet and I did a google search on my own name. Oh, come on… I think a lot of us have done it before! I was just curious to see (1) if anything about ME would turn up in a google search, and (2) if there was another Laura Doolittle out there somewhere.

Sure enough, I found a link to a site about another LD out in South Carolina. And get this folks… she’s an artist! If you see her name in the comments sidebar, you can click it, or you can click here to see her site. I was struck by the fact that she is out there, that she is an artist, and that she calls her site “Doo-A-Little Art.”

So, I sent an email… just a fun little email to say hello… last January (2007).

Then I forgot about it. People don’t always respond to random messages from strangers, after all.

Just a couple days ago, I got an email from myself in my mailbox. I was confused and thought I had accidentally mis-addressed an outgoing message until I read it. It was a friendly note from Laura, apologizing for taking so long (ummm… more than a year!) to reply, and promising to write again sometime. I sent a reply that included the link to my blog, and this morning I see that she has replied again AND visited the site.

Some interesting points: she is roughly the same age as me (about a year older), has been married 14 years (Glenn and I just celebrated 15), and has two girls (I have two boys). She paints (I… don’t. OK David Knoecklein, I’ll get there someday…).

So, hello Laura Doolittle! Welcome to the site, I hope you enjoy poking around. Signed – Laura Doolittle. The other one. Not you. 🙂


One comment

  1. As you can imagine when I Google my name I get all kinds of fascinating stuff too, you know, with a last name of Dicks. But, seriously, there is a kid named David Dicks who sailed around the world by himself. That wasn’t me.

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