Ice, ice, baby.

February 12, 2008


So we knew late last night that they were calling off school for today… we got an inch or two of snow Monday afternoon, followed by some freezing rain last night. Which means we woke up this morning to a wonderland of frozen slush.

At 5:30 a.m., Brody was barking to get out of his cage downstairs. And I didn’t feel like lying there waiting to see if he would quit, so I got up and let him out. Tried to grab a few more zzzs on the couch with him on the floor beside me, but he would have none of it. He needed to go OUT. So I put on my coat, gloves, boots, and scarf. Took him around to his “special place” out back and watched him slip and slide on the ice while he tried to do his business. I had to get up unreasonably early, but at least I was entertained. 🙂

This ice storm is NOTHING like the big storm we had five years ago, right around this same time of year. But the ice-coated birch tree out front did remind me a little bit of that day in February 2003 when we woke up to scenes like this [when that same tree was still very new]:


Luckily our birch trees bent with the ice, and survived. But we lost a lot more large limbs off our trees out back…


Our next door neighbors (to the right in the above photo) fared worse than we did, and actually lost an entire very large tree. We only lost several large limbs and had some minor damage to a fence, our swingset, and the roof of our little shed.

I remember the first morning after the storm hit, standing outside in our back yard, and being struck by how quiet everything was. Nearly every school and business in Lexington was shut down… so there was little or no noise from traffic or anything else. In fact, the one sound that I could hear very clearly all that morning was very eerie… as I stood on our back deck I could hear the sound of tree limbs falling in the distance. Lots and lots of tree limbs, or even whole trees, were giving in to the massive weight of the ice. Especially if the wind kicked up a little, I would start to hear that sound of creaking timber, and then the crunching sound as the limbs fell. Sometimes the sound was distant, but often it was very close. Trees fell all over Lexington that week. And for weeks and months afterward, you could drive around and see trees with broken tops, or other big scars from where a huge section had been lost.

So, it’s a little annoying to have our schedules altered because of the kids being off school today… but this storm is really a minor inconvenience, compared to the week-plus long beating that we got in 2003.


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  1. I was going to get pictures of all the icicles hanging down from our deck rail this morning, but the boys destroyed them before I got my camera out–next time! Man, the ice storm of 2003; that brings back memories. That’s when I was 9 months pregnant with Abs.

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