The haul.

February 10, 2008

Here is a sampling of the gifts I received for turning “the big 4-0:”


Clockwise left to right:

Glucosamine Joint Complex, Calcium, and Aspirin tablets. From my worship minister and his wife, who obviously think I’m getting rickety. 🙂

The complete first season of “Leave it to Beaver” (39 episodes!) on DVD, packaged in a nifty metal lunchbox. From my brother, who knows I appreciate a swell lesson from the Cleavers anytime.

Dwight Schrute bobbblehead. I am now the envy of every fan of “The Office” out there! From my husband, who probably also wants one for his desk.

Tacky plastic red purse, complete with scary guard dog and Ninja throwing star. From my good friends Dave and Kate Dicks (see their blog here). By the way, there were several more components to this gift, but you get the idea… a purse with an anti-theft device! Very thoughtful! (Revisit part of the purse fiasco here.)

iTunes gift card, from the wonderful and thoughtful Vanessa Rice (see her link in the sidebar). Vanessa has a heart of gold and couldn’t bring herself to give me a gag gift. Vanessa, you are highly favored among women. Amen.

Nifty “L” keychain from my running buddy and fellow February birthday girl, Janice. Complete with fancy blue glass bauble! Me like. (Janice also gave me a very nice “Willow Tree” angel, but it would have looked very odd next to Dwight, so I didn’t include it in this photo).

Thanks for all the great gifts! I can’t wait to see what I get for turning 50!



  1. Too funny! Those gifts still crack me up. Oh..and about the “couldn’t bring herself to give me a gag gift comment”…. Well, I can’t say that I didn’t rack my brain trying to think of one. We even went shopping to the dollar store to find denture cream and Depends undergarments (which, surprisingly enough..they were out of!) So….that “heart of gold” isn’t so shiny now, is it? hehe! 🙂

  2. They were out of Depends because I already had to buy all of them last week. That is how I spent the birthday money my parents sent me 🙂

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