February 8, 2008

Found this link through some other site yesterday. For those who like challenging puzzle games, give it a go. But beware, you may get sucked in! However, I did notice that when I bookmarked the page and then visited later on, it remembers what level you were working on during your previous visit. Which is handy, because there are 17 levels. I’m on level 15 currently.

Untangle Game

Let me know how you do if you try it!

I haven’t had time to check out the other games on the site yet…



  1. Well, I clicked on it but it only flashes words and spots, cannot seem to get it to do anything else. Any pointers???

  2. When I click on it, first there is a screen with a logo in the center, you click in there and the logo goes away and the name of the game comes up and has a place in the center that says “play now” or something like that. Not sure why it wouldn’t work for you.

  3. Ewwww! I like it! The only problem that I have with the game is that it requires using my brain. I can smell the smoldering of circuits as I attempt to bring those long-dormant electronics to working levels. “Scotty, we need more power!” Hmmm…another cup of Joe might do the trick.

  4. I don’t even know what a blog is, but I thought I’d log in and say hello. Have a great weekend.

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