Roll call!

February 2, 2008

I am launching a little project on the blog this week, and I will call it “Project Say-Something.”

In honor of the fact that I will turn 40 years old on Thursday, and also because I am needy and the whole world centers around me and the things I want, I am asking my blog readers to perform a simple task.

Your mission — should you choose to accept it — is to leave a comment on the site sometime this week!

I’m not going to be picky. I know that for some of you, leaving comments is not your “thing.” You also hate to leave messages on answering machines, unless you have time to rehearse. I understand your pain.

All I ask it that sometime between now and my birthday, everyone posts at least one comment somewhere on the site. Any length of comment will do… if all you want to do is say “hi” and sign your name, that is fine. If you feel compelled to say “Happy birthday, Laura, you’re the best, I love you and I’m sending you a card with a bunch of money in the mail,” that would also be perfectly acceptable.

All comments will be regarded with equally high esteem. (Except for those “you’re the best” ones. Yeah… those ones will be totally favored over the others) 😉

Ideally you could just leave your comment right here at this post… but feel free to make a comment under any of the posts that you like (or don’t like).

Look at it this way: “real” birthday presents cost money. Comments are free!



  1. Happy Birthday, Laura! You sounded great at church this morning! Oh, and you’re the best!

  2. Happy Happy Birthday, Laura! You’re the bomb! You rock! You’re my hero! I’ve put you in my will! I want to name our kids after you! LAURA FOR PRESIDENT! (okay…so maybe that is a tad over-the-top- but you really are WAY COOL and I love ya!!!) Have a fabulous birthday, ya old fart. 🙂

  3. Happy Birthday Laura! You are the best, we love you. The card is in the mail.

    Love, Mom and Dad

  4. “Happy birthday, Laura, you’re the best, I love you and I’m sending you a card with a bunch of money in the mail.”

    It seems strange to tell a lie to your friend, but that’s what you asked for your birthday. I do love you and am happy to help you celebrate 40. That’s easy. Wait ’til 41. Not that great, let me tell you!

  5. Forty! You’re just beginning, girl! Honestly, the best years are ahead of you, and you’ll enjoy every one of them as much as the first forty. Hau’oli makahiki hou a me aloha nui loa….

  6. Aunt Mary,

    Ummm… Gesundheit? 🙂

    Love, Laura

  7. I prefer to give my age using the hexadecimal number system. Personally, I am 2D years old. You will only be 28 this year in hexadecimal so don’t worry about it. Of course that is 118 in hexadecimal dog years but we won’t go there.

    Happy Birthday!!! I hope you and Janice have a great “Sameness of age” week.

    The forties are not so bad. Personally I enjoy getting up at all hours of the night to go to the bathroom. The solitude and quiet give me more time to think. 🙂

  8. Happy Birthday! I’m not even going to try to compete with Nessa.
    My birthday wish for you is that you’ll overcome that little anxiety and let that beautiful voice just do it’s thing. Simon is NOT in the congregation! Even if he was, he wouldn’t see the imperfections that you seem to notice. He’d just say… ” You’re going to Hollywood!!”

  9. Happy Birthday Laura!

    Many happy returns of the day!



  10. Happy Birthday, Laura! (At this point, read to yourself with your best Gabby Hayes voice) By gum, By golly! It just seems like yesterday you were just this young little whipper-snapper about up to here! (Hand held at waist level) Now you’re all growed up with younguns of yer own and a fine strong man to stand by yer side. Not much an old Unk can say, ‘cept I love ya and someday this will be the good old days. Oh, and hang on to your purse.

  11. “Happy birthday, Laura, you’re the best, I love you and I’m not sending you a card with a bunch of money in the mail”.

  12. Hello. Hope its not to late to post HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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