40 is the new 8

January 24, 2008

In about two weeks – on Feb. 7 – I am going to turn 40 years old.

40! Isn’t that great?

I think it’s great.

I heart my birthday. I don’t think there is any shame in that. I have no trouble telling people when my birthday is, whether they ask or not. And I also have no problem telling people how old I am. Why should I?

bday1976a.jpgHere is a photo of me at my 8th birthday party in 1976. I am not 100% sure, but I think this is the birthday when I helped Mom make my birthday cake. Which means that I told her what flavor to make it and then I licked the bowls. And in this particular case, I remember that I got to lick up an inordinately large amount of the white frosting before the party. Really — a LOT of frosting. Made myself a bit sick. So, by the time I had my chance at eating cake, I didn’t really want any. Too bad… I’m pretty sure that was chocolate cake underneath there. [By the way, the cups full of Kool-Aid? I still have those cups. I keep them in my kitchen cupboard, and my boys use them every day.]

But, back to the main topic, which is: how great is it that I am about to have my 40th birthday?

Here’s the thing. See the smile I’m wearing in that photo? That is how I want to feel… and try to feel… every single birthday of my life. I had my best friends at the table with me then. I can’t recall the exact activities we engaged in that day, although I’m sure it was nothing extravagant. But I do know that we had fun. At the age of 8, there is not much else to do but have a good time.

Now, as I count down the days to “the big four-oh,” I hope to have the same kind of birthday I had in 1976. I want my friends around me at the table. And it doesn’t really matter what we do, because I know we can have a good time just being together.

Hooray for birthdays! I say… BRING ‘EM ON!



  1. I am right with you on the birthday and not being ashamed of our ages. Or our looks.

    I am 40 too.

    With that said why don’t you have a current photo of you on your blog? Show yourself! LOL.

    A mom I met when our firstborns were babies, through a stay at home mothers group, died in the fall of 2007. Her two boys were the same exact ages as my boys. It really was earth-shattering to me to think that a mom of young boys who was just a couple of years older than me died at that age. She had been diagnosed with Cancer in her late 30s and fought it and had a remission or ‘cured’ and then it came back after about two years of living without treatments. She was grateful for that time she had with her boys but she was angry that she was dying. It was so hard to see a mom under 45 die. This is yet another reason to celebrate our birthdays and be happy to be alive.

    I don’t plan on ever getting plastic surgery or doing weird things to my body to look younger or different than I am. Well maybe someday I might bleach my teeth but so far, I’m not, as I worry that it may actually be eroding and ruining the enamel. And maybe someday I’ll dye my hair but for now I have grey strands here and there. Anyhow, I think we should all age gracefully and be happy that we are still alive and counting the milestones.

  2. Hi again ChristineMM… I avoid the camera so much these days (being in front of it, anyway) that I don’t know if I have a current photo that would meet my stringent qualifications for posting. However, I’ll make an extra effort now, since you brought it up!

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