The real Brody.

January 15, 2008

Brody finally sat still long enough, with a good expression on his face, for me to snap a nice photo. This picture is the best one so far, in the sense of successfully capturing some of his personality. THIS is what he looks like most of the time, to me:

Brody is still small, although he has surely grown since we got him nearly 2 weeks ago. He is still smaller than our cat. He can go down the stairs now by himself (at first he was too small and it was too scary for him), but he really just sort of scoots down on his rear end, with his front legs stretched out one step ahead to guide him down. It’s quite fun to watch.

Also fun is watching him acquire various treasures to carry off and chew. Just this morning I was in the kitchen, and realized that I didn’t know where he was for a few minutes. I called to him and he came running down the hall from our bedroom, where he had picked up one of Glenn’s socks. And if you could have seen him you would know that he was quite proud of himself! When he has a new toy he prances around like a pony… as if to say “look! Look at this sock I found! It was just lying there, doing nothing on the floor… but I pounced on it! and I conquered it! and now I will parade around the living room showing off the spoils of my victory! HA, hahahahahahahahaaaaaaa!”

Having owned a dog previously, we haven’t gone too overboard just yet buying new items for a puppy to play with, with good reason: Brody’s current favorite toys are a blue surgical towel, a plastic water bottle, an oatmeal container, a baseball cap, and a rock (sitting on the floor of my office, from a project I did last month. He likes to chew it.)

He is also fond of plastic Wal-Mart bags, and if he chances upon one he will deftly grab it with his teeth and take off running (see description of the sock conquest, above). Except today, he happened to grab the one that I had just set on the floor, that was quite full of soup cans. Now, that was funny. 🙂


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