Velcro Dog

January 7, 2008

A month or so ago, I stumbled upon a blog that a woman is writing from her log cabin out in Wyoming, where she has taken in an orphaned coyote pup. There isn’t much writing, it’s mostly just pictures chronicling the coyote and how it has grown and changed. She posts a new photo every day of “Charlie.” You can visit the blog here if you are interested. She is an outstanding photographer.

Anyway, one comment that I found when I went back to one of the earliest blog entries on her site, was that Charlie had taken to sleeping all curled up in the crook of her neck when he was a tiny pup (she adopted him when he was 10 days old). There is even a photo of it happening here.

When I first saw and read about Charlie sleeping this way, I remember thinking it was odd. I couldn’t quite picture it (even after seeing the photo). It just didn’t seem like it could be terribly comfortable… what an odd place to settle down and go to sleep!

All this is really just to preface my story of what Brody did this morning.

Ever since he came home with us, he’s been true to the nickname “velcro dog” that the Vizsla breed has earned. He simply must be near one of us at all times… and touching us if at all possible.

This morning I got up, gave Brody his morning meal, and took him outside for a bit. Then we were back inside and I did a little exercise while Brody just hung out in the living room. He usually goes back to sleep for a while in the morning, so I figured he would drift off soon enough. He laid down on the carpet and dozed a little.

When my exercises were done, I stretched out on the living room floor and watched a little bit of the morning news… so I was on my back with my hands clasped behind my head and my elbows splayed out to either side.

As soon as I lay down, Brody came from behind me and in a very quick motion, he set his entire body down on my left elbow and burrowed his muzzle up in to the crook of my neck. And he fell asleep. No part of his body was touching the floor!

My mind immediately went to Charlie the coyote.

I just grinned… and let Brody snooze until my arm fell asleep.


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