A Great Painter

January 5, 2008

Below is a photo of a painting done last year by my friend and former professor, David Knoecklein.


I happen to think it is stunning.

I only wish that I could have seen it “live and in person,” but alas, the painting and the painter both reside in Pennsylvania, near Philadelphia. The actual size of the painting is something like 108″ wide. It is currently making quite an impressive statement on a wall in the home of the woman depicted on the horse.

I am taking this opportunity to show everyone some of David’s work, because he is incredibly talented. He has also painted a series of beautiful landscapes from various sites in Colorado, where he lived for several years. Below are a couple of my very favorites from that series (I particularly favor his landscapes that show a body of water… I just love how he paints water):



This is just a tiny taste of what he has done. Check out this link to see a lot of his landscapes and a few still life paintings on exhibition in PA a couple years ago. He also has tons of experience painting portraits. Click portraitbrochure-aug07.pdf to see a brochure I designed, marketing his portrait skills. (Please forgive “softness” in some of the images, the PDF is not high-res).

David loves to paint from live subjects and he is always looking for a challenge. 🙂 After his experience doing the horse portrait above, he has become very interested in trying his hand at more work along those lines. He has mentioned wanting to show multiple horses in the same painting. So this is my plea on his behalf… especially to all my friends who live in Kentucky, where all the horses are… if you know anyone who might be interested in (a) commissioning him to paint something, or (b) showing and/or selling some of David’s work, PLEASE leave a comment on this site. I will get in touch with you about how to get in touch with the artist.


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