Where the ducks walk on the fish…

January 2, 2008

Ahhh, the Pymatuning Spillway… an exotic getaway for vacationers who want to drive to the middle of some farmland in northwestern PA/eastern OH to see humongous carp writhe around on each other while the ducks and geese skitter across the top of them.


Many times we have stood on the concrete banks, leaning over the railing, watching in sick fascination as the fish and fowl fight over morsels… slices… nay – entire loaves… of old bread.

[hey, there was some serious alliteration in that last sentence!]

There is a distinct sucking and slapping noise that the fish make as they gulp down the offerings from above and jockey for position for the next “drop.”

Some of us have been known to spend quite a while doling out our bread, trying to feed one particular fish or duck. Everyone needs a challenge.


Many times we have wondered: what if we threw a small child in there? Would it be devoured… or merely covered in fish hickies?

We hem and haw about how ridiculous it all is. We snicker as vans pull in to the parking lot, unloading groups of people who have trekked some distance to get there. We think aloud, “what is the attraction here? Do people really want to see this?”

We empty our bread bags and go home… until next year 😉


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