Cutest. Puppy. Ever.

January 2, 2008

The photos don’t quite do him justice, but… meet our new puppy!


He is a Vizsla, born on Nov. 14 in Hillsboro, Ohio. We hadn’t heard of this breed until a couple weeks ago, when we happened to catch a dog show on ESPN. Ever since then, we have been intrigued. Then last weekend Glenn found a breeder that had a new litter of pups, who charged reasonable prices to people who only want them as pets (not to show or breed). This dog is fully registered and actually has some champion bloodlines… but we just want him to hang out with us!


The original plan was for us to drive up today after the boys had gone to school, then surprise them with the puppy when they got back home. Unfortunately, school was called off due to snow, so… we took the boys with us. They had no idea where we were going and we told them they weren’t allowed to ask questions. We just told them we were going to visit some farmers. We all went in and the lady brought 4 male puppies out for us to see… and we finally told the boys that we were there to take one home! Needless to say, they were ecstatic.


So far, we’re still getting acquainted. His name is undecided at the moment, which is driving the boys crazy. (Free tip: if you want to name something that you care about, ask your children to help. They will definitely help you rule OUT a lot of names, to narrow down the field for you!) The photo above is the new pup having a chew on the last big bone I had bought for our old dog, Riddick, before he died… it was barely used. And it’s bigger than he is right now!

Today has been bitter cold, with some snow on the ground… and this little guy is not too thrilled about that. Vizslas do not have an undercoat. When we take him outside, he stands there, shocked at the chill. Then usually he will do his little business, but then he just stands there or tries to sit down. Too cold to play! But also, too cold to sit. It’s hilarious watching him try not to sit his butt down on the snow. Also, every time he sits down, one paw automatically goes up into that “pointing” position. My head might explode from the cuteness.

Right now, it seems he is either too busy playing/running/chewing to get a nice “regular” photo… or, he’s sleeping or just woken up from nap, and is still a little bleary-eyed. I’ll get some better photos taken as soon as I get the chance.


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  1. I wondered how your expedition turned out. He’s a beautiful chocolate color!

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