Who’s that man with my Dad?

December 31, 2007

I finally got the original copy of this photograph from my Dad last year and scanned it in. When I was younger this picture used to fascinate me… not just because I knew it was a photo of Dad with someone famous. I recently realized that the thing that strikes me about the shot is that the way it was taken, it almost appears as though Dad is the celebrity. With the glaring, light-colored trenchcoat he’s wearing, attention is easily drawn to him. It could easily be that MLK is the one trying to catch up to Dad in a crowd with some pressing question.

In very rough detail, the story behind this photo is that King had flown in (to Philadelphia, I believe) for some engagement, and that Dad had been granted an interview with him before he de-boarded the airplane. So when MLK finally got off the plane, there was Dad exiting with him, having “scooped” all the other press that had been waiting to ask questions outside. I’m sure I’m leaving lots of holes in the story, and Dad can jump in and correct me if he wants to.



  1. Wow, that is too wild! What an honor! Was your dad a journalist, I assume?

  2. Yes, my Dad is a journalist. He has worked for several publications, but most notably he worked for Reader’s Digest for 30 years. He is retired now, but still writes for some online magazines and other things.

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