Have you seen these buses?

December 29, 2007

…because I haven’t. Which is sad, since I designed the ads on the side of them.

another giant shoe!

a giant shoe!

There are four of these buses driving around Lexington this year, through next July or August I think. And since they have been out on the road, several people at church, plus some other random friends, and even my mother (who only visits here, what, a few days a year?) have spotted them and told me so. But me? No. The best I can say is that the day Mom saw one, she alerted me (while I was driving)… and I got a kind of halfway, sideways, backward glance at one as it was going the other way on New Circle Road.

Oh, well. Still… pretty neat, huh?


One comment

  1. Hello Laura! The world of blogging welcomes you…so glad you chose wordpress. I didn’t know you designed the ads for some Lextran buses. What a cool gig! I’ll have to keep my eye out for them.

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