A moment in time.

December 29, 2007


My family stopped at the “White Top” restaurant — I think it was in a town called “White Top” Virginia — probably on the way home from a visit to Tennessee in the mid-70s. I do not remember all the details of what I ate that day, only that it was BAD. Clearly my Dad thought so, too, and he chose to commemorate the event by snapping this photo of my brother and me in the parking lot as we were leaving.

Things to note: my outfit! I am wearing some kind of culottes… and TUBE SOCKS. I was so cool. Also… note the people in the background, watching the photo being taken. I wonder what they were thinking. πŸ™‚



  1. What a great slice of bread in the loaf that is our lives! I’m glad you added the commentary about the food. I would have guessed that you two were practicing air guitar and doing your best Kiss imitation.

  2. History repeating itself…we all were the epitome of cool- once upon a time. I remember perfectly polished saddle shoes worn with fluorescent green angora socks!!

  3. TOO FUNNY! Love the socks…they really complete the outfit. If only you had one of those nifty butterfly collar shirts on….hmmmmmm??? LOL!

  4. Love the picture! The blog looks great Laura – keep it up!

  5. I love this photo. We were probably the same age. I had the same kind of clothes. Those tube socks, I had the same ones as did my brother. LOL.

    Not only do I like the whole photo but the fact that your father allowed and wanted it to be taken. Our family was very tight with the budget and photo taking was hardly done and only on ‘special events’ like birthdays and Christmas and Easter. I wish I had more ‘typical daily’ photos from my childhood.

  6. Hi ChristineMM, thanks for visiting! It’s comforting to know another girl out there was wearing tube socks, too. So stylish! πŸ™‚

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